CWT-Aquarius Shipping International (Pty) Ltd

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Stock Monitoring





CWT Commodities provides Stock Monitoring Services to banks and financial institutions that offer finance to traders and producers against goods in storage.  The stored commodities are usually pledged to the bank and serve as collateral.  CWT Commodities watches over the collateral on behalf of the banks by providing their tested Stock Monitoring Services.


Depending on the client's requirements, CWT can either station dedicated staff at the warehouse and staff will be present when locking down warehouse doors after business hours.  Alternatively CWT visits the warehouse on a regular basis to inspect the warehouse and goods stored.  Regular reports will be provided, inclusive of photographs, if requested.  DWT staff will instantly report on discovery of any shortage of threat to the cargo.  cargo released can be monitored by CWT staff if client requests for such service.  Upon completion of the release a report will be provided.


In addition CWT can carry out warehouse surveys to assess the suitability of storage facilities.