CWT-Aquarius Shipping International (Pty) Ltd

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CWT-Aquarius Shipping International began operating in Malawi in 1998 through its tobacco forwarding experience acquired by its staff over the previous decade. Aquarius Shipping made its name by being the only forwarding company to successfully export unprocessed tobacco leaves from Malawi to South Africa for processing in Nelspruit and Rustenburg.

Due to the strict customs regulations surrounding the import, processing and export of tobacco through South Africa it required in depth knowledge, logistical planning and extremely tight control measures to achieve this. Off the back of this achievement, Aquarius Shipping rapidly grew into the regions number one tobacco forwarder and continues to play a pivotal role in this industry. Aquarius Shipping has diversified its operations into providing first class logistics solutions for many other commodities in Malawi. These include cotton, tea, minerals, paprika and various other commodities. 

CWT-Aquarius Shipping have their offices located in Lilongwe and have grown into one of the most respected logistic providers in the region. Off the back of its recent acquisition by the CWT Group its reputation has been further advanced with imminent growth in Malawi planned for the future.



Kapani Building, Plot 28/111 Off Kamuzu Procession Road Kanengo, City of Lilongwe

Tel No. : +265 1 712 294

Fax No. : +265 1 711 152

Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.