CWT-Aquarius Shipping International (Pty) Ltd

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2005 marked a fresh start for Cwt-Asi Logistics Mozambique Limitada as it commenced its work in Beira. Beira is the most strategic port for both Zimbabwe and Malawi and is a competitive alternative to Dar es Salaam for cargo destined to and from the DRC and Zambia. Cwt-Asi Logistics Mozambique Limitadaa strong commitment to the development of Beira, cemented by the growing investment seen by the diversificationof its business areas into the minerals trade primarily from DRC and Zambia.


Currently undertaking the improvement of facilities and conditions of infra-structure inside the port area Cwt-Asi Logistics Mozambique Limitada has secured long term leases on warehouses inside the port of Beira. They have secured prime warehousing space inside the port gates where they are able to handle both agricultural products, fertilizers and minerals.


Cwt-Asi Logistics Mozambique Limitada, has forged very close relationships with the port operator Cornelder, working hand in hand to encourage more companies to make use of this strategic port. Beira remains a high priority on the agenda for Cwt-Asi Logistics Mozambique Limitada who are looking to grow the companys footprint further by securing additional infra-structure outside of the portCwt-Asi Logistics Mozambique Limitada currently have their local officesin Beira with two warehouses secured inside the port.


In addition to the officein Beira, CWT-Aquarius Shipping International (Pty) Limited have an officein Tete which opened in 2009. Logistics requirements for movement of tobacco from the region are handled by this officeas well as special services required for other loads transiting through the Tete border post from Malawi en route to both Beira and Johannesburg.


With the backing of the CWTGroup, after its 2012 acquisition, the Port of Beira will be at the forefront of the companys plans for growth.




Ave Rua Poder Popular No 108 1 andar, Beira Mozambique Shed No 1 Warehouse, Beira Port

Tel No. : +258 252 229 28

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