CWT-Aquarius Shipping International (Pty) Ltd

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CWT-Aquarius Shipping International opened its doors in Zimbabwe as Aquarius Shipping in 1998 situated in Harare. It begun work with the tobacco industry offering itself as a specialized tobacco forwarder in an attempt to secure tobacco companies looking for a partner who understood their product and offered added value the logistics around it.

Aquarius Shipping, although a new entity, came with vast experience in the logistics of moving and handling tobacco efficiently through the port of Durban. It offered a wide range of transport, warehousing, customs clearing, handling, fumigation, inspection and shipping solutions which would attract many customers to its attention for detail.

Over the next 16 years, Aquarius Shipping grew its footprint in Zimbabwe securing contracts with all the major tobacco suppliers and cigarette manufacturers to become the largest mover of tobacco and related products in the region. During this period, Aquarius Shipping diversified its logistics expertise into other areas which included cotton, minerals, tea and various other products both into and out of Zimbabwe.

CWT-Aquarius Shipping still has its offices located in Harare and has further enhanced its reputation after partnering up with the CWT Group in 2012.



14-17 Auckland Road, Southerton Harare, Zimbabwe

Tel No. : +263 4 754 404/5/6/7

Fax No. : +263 4 754 054

Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.